Our Humble Howard Road Abode

Shortly after Kay and I met (that story is for another blog post!) and began dating we knew that we’d be spending forever together – we were sure of it. But what we weren’t sure of  was WHERE we’d be spending forever. After many conversations about other cities we’d be willing to relocate to we decided we could never leave DC and we were ready to buy a house.

We each made individual lists of what we’d want in our first home and then sat down together to compare them. To start the conversation we said in unison ‘basement’. We were absolutely thrilled that we agreed on the first item on our lists so he went on to say ‘potential rental income’ as I said ‘tornado shelter’. We sat and stared at each other in silence before we started laughing and kept moving down our lists. We didn’t agree on the ‘why’ but we certainly agreed on the ‘what’! Thankfully, we eventually narrowed down our lists of wants and needs. We wanted an end unit home (for the extra windows!), outdoor space (for a puppy & a garden), we wanted to be near a metro and most importantly we wanted to live in a neighborhood where we could become part of the community.

We began visiting various neighborhoods and homes that were for sale. We didn’t think we were ready to make an offer on anything but we at least wanted to see what was available. When we first visited Howard RD SE, we quickly saw that it had everything we wanted! We knew that was where we were meant to be. We visited the home several times over a week before we decided to make an offer. Much to our delight after just a few days of negotiations our offer was accepted!

On our closing day we had the opportunity to meet the previous owner of our home. She shared with us that the home had been in her family since it was built and that she was happy to see us take ownership of the home.

We are so thankful for Alex Jaffe at First Home Mortgage and DC Open Doors for making our dream of home ownership a reality!11336931_10102602090337125_4620064405746561035_o